• MSMSC Commencement Speech 2013

    MSMSC Commencement Speech 2013

    Maria Contreras Sweet speaking at Mt. St. Mary's College 2013 Commencement. Video of speech coming soon.

Maria Contreras-Sweet is an expert in both private enterprise and public service. She served a five-year tenure as California’s Secretary of Transportation, as well as Vice-President of Public Affairs at 7-Up / RC Bottling Company. She is founder of ProAmérica Bank, as well as private venture capitalist firm Fortius Holdings, LLC. She is an expert in speaking, private equity, & consulting.


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Maria’s extensive experience in the field of infrastructure on such a large scale has given her insights, solutions and anecdotes that, when coupled with her engaging style, make for an informative, inspirational and entertaining presentation.

Having navigated the often-bewildering labyrinth of state, federal and even local governments, few can match the full gamut of the experience and expertise that Maria Contreras-Sweet possesses in our society’s workings.

Over the years Maria has built an invaluable database of state and national power brokers in both public and private sectors. However, it is her strategic thinking that elevates her contribution to any project or assignment.


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